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Our refining processes obtain pure metals, salts, oxides, fungicides, and abrasives from secondary materials containing copper, such as scrap, alloys, residues, and solutions. The products created using this process serve as source materials for a range of applications in the electronics industry, the construction industry, mechanical and system engineering, the high-tech sector, electroplating technology, agriculture, and more.

Raw Materials


The raw materials used in the production process are copper-containing dusts, ashes, drosses, shredded materials, sludges, and runback slag with copper contents between 15 and 60%, as well as other alloy scrap, such as brass, bronze, and red bronze with copper contents between 60 and 80%. The materials we use for refining, such as scrap copper, wires, profiles (rods, metal sheets, rails, etc.), and cut-up and sorted electrical cables contain around 80-99% copper. We use high-grade runback scraps from manufacturing semi-finished products directly in the foundry without refining. Alongside these solid raw materials, we also reprocess copper chloride solutions from the electronics industry.

The raw materials listed above contain copper as well as several other metals, such as nickel, zinc, tin, and precious metals. Following initial assessment and sampling, we use the raw materials in the shaft furnace, converter, anode furnace, or smelting furnaces, depending on the type of refining required.

It is important for us to inspect the secondary materials we receive for problematic substances such as mercury, cadmium, or lead, as well as to check for radioactivity. Following these assessments, which were devised by experts, we either reject the secondary materials or approve them for processing.

How we extract copper and more!
  • Scrap with low copper content
    Iron silicate
    Black copper 75%
    Filter dust
  • End-of-life scrap
    96% Raw Copper
    Filter dust
  • End-of-life scrap
    99% Copper anodes
    Filter dust
  • 99% Copper anodes
    Precious metals
    Nickel sulfate
    Grade A / A Plus Copper Cathodes
  • Cathodes
    Direct Use Scrap
    Copper Alloys
    Pure Copper Qualities
Product Range
Production Range
Our range of high-quality, versatile products
  • Kupfer-Bolzen
Environmental Management
Environmental Management

We Upcycle Copper to Help Protect the Environment

Active environmental management as a lived corporate principle

Montanwerke Brixlegg AG is obligated to methodically, continuously improve its environmental performance and makes sure to uphold environmental regulations in everything it does – these principles are firmly anchored in the corporate policy. The company drives improvement through measures such as helping to expand and maintain a circular economy, deploying environmentally friendly technologies, and boosting energy and resource efficiency. Process-related emissions are monitored on an ongoing basis and minimized through the use of cutting-edge technologies. A certified environmental management system in line with ISO 14001 and a waste management facility in line with Austrian law represent the core elements underlying the methodic, continuous improvement of environmental performance within the company, thereby laying the groundwork for sustainable development and maintaining favorable environmental conditions.

Our specialist recycling expertise reinforces the circular economy and saves energy

The core competencies of Montanwerke Brixlegg AG are recycling copper-containing secondary raw materials and recovering this raw material. This saves a great deal of energy: Recycling consumes up to 85% less energy than primary production requires! Since recycling copper covers the need for this material, Montanwerke Brixlegg AG makes a significant contribution to Europe’s circular economy as well as to the conservation of resources. Projects to boost energy efficiency are highly prioritized and aim to save primary energy sources while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Safety takes top priority

In line with Seveso Directive III, Montanwerke Brixlegg AG is classified as an “upper-tier establishment.” The company’s safety management system, comprehensive safety assessments and emergency planning, in-depth communication and exchange of knowledge with emergency services, and regular training and safety inspections minimize the risk of industrial accidents. Our brochure helps to promote safety by providing valuable information about the necessary measures and precautions.