Championing Circularity

thanks to 100 % recycled content.

The transition to a circular economy as laid down in the European Green Deal is a challenge for many companies. Montanwerke Brixlegg AG has already had a circular economy for over 100 years. This is also reflected in our new corporate slogan "Championing Circularity".

Since 1977, 100% of our copper has been made from secondary materials such as recycled copper, which is why our company is also described as a secondary copper works. Here, copper products are produced using scrap and other secondary raw materials that come from collected or processed recycled raw materials. This is in contrast to primary copper works, which use primary raw materials (ores and concentrates) to produce copper. We call this process of ‘Waste in – Product out’ upcycling.


In our process, we are at both the end and the beginning of the supply chain. Our upcycling closes the loop in the circular economy. Using recycled raw materials, we are able to produce highly pure copper which, after being processed further, is found in various supply chain products such as as copper pipes in water supply systems and copper wire in cables or electric engines. This means that our products are also the starting material in a number of forward-thinking industrial sectors: copper enables the transition to e-mobility, the expansion of renewable energies, and the functioning of smart cities. At the end of the products’ life cycle, these return to us as secondary raw materials – the circular economy begins again. In this way, we facilitate the sustainable use of resources an infinite number of times, without loss of quality.

The recycling process is also much more environmentally friendly than extraction from copper ores: production requires up to 85% less energy input! For our customers, this means maximum CO2 savings - along the entire value chain. This makes us the right partner for the reduction of Scope 3 emissions and for more transparency in the supply chain. After all, with centuries of tradition in raw material sustainability, we are true experts in the sustainable organisation of supply chains.

We not only produce the most CO2-saving copper, we also help our customers to use this advantage along the entire value chain. We supply copper via solutions that are individually tailored to the needs of the end producers or customers and thus guarantee that only copper from Brixlegg is used in the production process. At the end of the life cycle, we take back the production residues from our customers and the cycle of the most climate-friendly copper starts all over again.

Copper. For all, forever.