Sustainable copper for tomorrow's economy.

For all, forever.

For Montanwerke Brixlegg AG, sustainable business management means taking responsibility for the interaction between people, the environment, and the economy.

We aspire to conduct our business responsibly within our area of activity. When doing so, we aim to achieve a balance between environmental, financial, and social interests. Throughout our company history, which goes back more than 550 years, we have had to overcome ever-changing challenges. This will also be the case in the future.

Today, sustainable copper from Brixlegg is in a class of its own. With the lowest CO2 footprint, 100% recycled raw materials, and 100% renewable energy for our electricity requirements we produce the most environmentally-friendly copper with the lowest CO2 emissions in the world. By doing so, we are not just taking a pioneering step towards meeting current demand; we are also the first in the supply chain to create the conditions for climate neutrality in the future.

Im Fokus
In Focus
  • 100% RECYCLING

    We are committed to the circular economy. Our products are the starting material in many forward-looking industrial sectors: copper enables the switch to e-mobility, the expansion of renewable energies and the functioning of smart cities.


    Copper produced in our upcycling process consists of 100 % secondary materials and, compared to primary copper smelters, emits significantly less CO2. As a result, we are a class of its own in climate-friendly copper.


We are happy to provide you with our "100% Recycled Content" and "Product Carbon Footprint" certificates as verification if required. Please contact our sales team!

Due to its properties, copper is an extremely important material for a wide variety of industrial applications. However, the production of copper is often neither environmentally friendly nor sustainable. Therefore, Montanwerke Brixlegg has specialized in the recycling and upcycling of copper. The resulting sustainable copper consists of 100% recycled raw copper, which is recycled using 100% renewable energy. As a result, our sustainable copper has the lowest carbon footprint.