We set ourselves goals that we can also achieve. 

Year after year again.

Montanwerke Brixlegg AG makes an active contribution to the achievement of European and national climate targets, including CO2 neutrality by 2040. But that is not our only undertaking: we intend to set ourselves ambitious targets in all three areas – that is, the environment, social aspects, and corporate governance.

In 2021, we therefore established an internal sustainability team comprising the Executive Board and selected managers and works council representatives, which will further consolidate its strategic work in the future and began setting targets in the three ESG areas. Our world is changing and - as a result, these targets are continuously adapted and specified in our annual reports, thus serving as a guiding star and signpost.


Our environmental targets reflect the continued development of our technology for further reduction of their CO2 footprint until climate neutrality is achieved. All processes are critically analysed and projects with the potential for improvement are subject to appropriate planning. Our emissions are monitored in accordance with legal regulations and, where necessary, they are further reduced.

Initial milestones

1 We intend to audit and verify our CO2 footprint in the year 2020. We intend to reduce this by 30% (reference year: 2014) by 2030.

2 We want to strengthen our internal circular economy and reduce external recycling of process residues. The decrease in shipments to external recycling services will also cut CO2 emissions.

3 We want to know ‘recycled content’ and/or CO2 footprint when purchasing capital and consumer goods, and to improve this together with our selected suppliers.

Social aspects

Social aspects are the focal point when it comes to issues such as occupational health and safety or training and development, as well as outside the company in our active communication with external stakeholders.

Initial milestones

1 We intend to permanently reduce the 5-year average accident rate to below the key figure of 20 (number of reportable accidents per 1 million working hours).

2 We intend to provide regular internal and external training for all employees and have set ourselves a target of 10 hours of continued training per employee per year.

Corporate management

Our business objectives are embedded in our strategy. We want to produce the most environmentally friendly copper in the world. Our customers should not only rely on the best CO2 footprint but should also expect the highest quality products with renowned good service.

Initial milestones

1 We want to market at least 25% of our copper cathodes as guaranteed proven environmentally friendly copper by 2023 at the latest, and in the process gradually shed its commodity status.

2 We want to constantly guarantee our customers that our products are certified as 100% recycled raw materials.

3 We intend to take appropriate measures to increase our proportion of in-house energy production further by 2030, in order to operate independently of external energy costs.

However, sustainability in all its facets and thought of holistically is not a sprint, but a marathon. We are aware of this challenge and, together with our employees, are optimistic about the changes ahead.