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Guiding Principles

Our company values are quality, efficiency and flexibility.
For us, these values amount to a code of behaviour which helps us to act with a common sense of purpose and to effect strategies and meet our targets as simply, quickly and safely as possible.


We strive for the best in everything we do!
Our products, the competence and expertise of our employees and management staff, reliability and dependability in all our dealings with clients at home and abroad - everything is driven by this aim.
For us, this means:

  • open communication
  • a collaborative approach and commonality of purpose
  • systematic training
  • everyone involved on a daily basis in making suggestions for improvement


Achieving maximum results with all the means available to us!
As a corporate unit we feel we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our owners to make long-term profits and ensure the sustainability of the company and our jobs.
For us, this means:

  • careful use of all resources
  • ongoing self critical and structured analysis of procedures
  • checking and scrutinising processes to ensure validity
  • continual improvement as a result of systematic implementation of procedures


Being bold in our approach to new challenges!
It may be that mistakes occur, but these should be considered as a live-long opportunity for learning and improvement. This is a special professional challenge for each and every one of us.
For us, this means:

  • responding swiftly to new market situations
  • always adapting to state of the art technology
  • meeting customer needs on an individual basis
  • being happy to accept a constant variety of challenges at work