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Brixlegg Copper Refinery

Right up into the 20th century, copper and silver ore was extracted in Tyrol and refined into pure metal in Brixlegg. Since 1890, metal has been extracted in greatly increasing quantities from secondary materials containing copper, rather than from ores as raw materials, which are currently exhausted. Today Montanwerke Brixlegg is a 100% recycling business. With over 300 employees at the Brixlegg site, Montanwerke Brixlegg AG is one of the most important industrial companies in western Austria.
In the fields of copper recycling, and the copper refining associated with it, the Brixlegg plant technology is state of the art. In order to be able to compete internationally, processes for the extraction of valuable metals are constantly being developed. Montanwerke Brixlegg AG works in close collaboration with universities and colleges in Austria and abroad.

All systems and products are certified to EN ISO 9001 and our high quality standard is acknowledged all over the world. Furthermore, the company is certified to ISO 14001, and as waste disposal specialists.

Gindre Duchavany S.A. (Lyon, France)

Our subsidiary Gindre Duchavany S.A. produces components for electrotechnical applications.

For further information and contacts please visit the website of Gindre Duchavany S.A..

Kovohuty, a.s. (Krompachy, Slovakia)

Since 2002 the copper refinery Kovohuty, a.s. in Krompachy (Slovakia) belongs to Montanwerke Brixlegg AG. Kovohuty, a.s., which has 150 employees, is also a recycling business, producing around 48,000 tonnes of anode copper a year from secondary raw materials. Further processing into cathodes takes place at Brixlegg.

For further information and contacts please visit the website of Kovohuty, a.s. hompage.

Montanwerke Brixlegg Hydroelectric Power Station

Montanwerke Brixlegg AG controls 100% shares in Montanwerke Brixlegg Wasserkraftwerke (Hydroelectric Power Stations) GmbH. This company runs three small hydroelectric power stations on the Alpach river, having a combined capacity of 18.1 Gigawatt. This represents about 20 - 25% of the entire power requirement of Montanwerke Brixlegg Aktiengesellschaft. The third power station (at Alpsteg) went into operation in June 2009.