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We recycle

Metals, and in particular copper and precious metals, have the excellent characteristic of retaining their specific material parameters even after being recycled over and over again. Recovering and reusing scrap metals ensures that we have the reserves of raw materials we need, reduces the need for imports, and contributes to the sustainable conservation of resources.
Scrap metals can be considered as a permanent energy carrier. The energy used to extract metals from ore only needs to be expended once and is preserved throughout the whole metal lifecycle. Recycling copper represents an energy saving of about 85% compared to the extraction from ore.
Recovering and recycling scrap and other metal waste ensures that these items do not need to be otherwise disposed of.
Montanwerke Brixlegg AG processes around 160,000 tonnes of secondary materials with copper content every year, and produces around 120,000 tonnes of purest copper from it.

Montanwerke Brixlegg AG fulfils all REACH requirements accordingly.
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Actual information concerning the environmental aspects of the European copper industry can be found here.