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Environmental management

Along with the commercial opportunities of our business, there are several key tenets by which we operate: our acknoledgement of our social responsibility, our prudent use of natural resources and the ongoing reduction of environmental and workplace pollution levels.
Against a backdrop of global awareness of environmental issues and a growing public sensibility to the effects of industry on the environment, the Board of Montanwerke Brixlegg AG is firmly commited to improving performance in the areas of environment and health and safety. Organisational and technology measures have been put in place. Staff have been appointed with responsibility for environmental protection and for health and safety in the workplace.
By continually improving processes and the choice of equipment and facilities, we aim to converse resources and ensure that all relevant environmental and safety regulations are adhered to.
Montanwerke Brixlegg AG is also keen to meet the challenges of the future in a professional way, especially the demands of "sustainability". The environment representative, who is answerable directly to the Board, has an extensive remit in this.
Thus the aims of environmental management are as follows:

  • Excerising the duties and responsibilities of the legally designated waste disposal executive
  • Updating an environmental management system in line with ISO 14001/2004 and EFB
  • Formulating a programme of "Sustainable Development"
  • Ensuring Legal Compliance with environmental and commercial legislation (for the manager in accordance with §9VStG/Administration of Criminal Law)
  • Improving environmental performance and ecololgical and energy efficiency
  • Determining and following key data, programmes, and initiatives to do with the environment
  • Promoting company-wide innovative developments in the field of environmental technology (processes, procedures, products)
  • Active communication with external stakeholders
  • Providing training on environmental issues and advising all internal departments on the subject of environmental protection

An open and active dialogue with all stakeholders is very welcome. Please contact Ing. Christian Ehrenstrasser, MSc either by phone, on +43 5337 6151 2170 or by email, at christian.ehrenstrasser@montanwerke-brixlegg.com.