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Fields of Applications


For more than 6,000 years, copper has been an indispensable material in all aspects of our lives. The copper produced by Montanwerke Brixlegg is a source material for a wide variety of applications:

  • electrical and electronic industry: chip mounts, contact mounts (relays), cables, plug and soldering connections, transformers, motors, alternators, etc.
  • automotive technology: contacts, transmission and connection components for engine control and diagnosis
  • construction industry: hot water and heating installations, underfloor heating installations, media transport, panelling of exteriors, interior design, etc.
  • mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology: gearbox components like gear wheels and bevel gear wheels, chain wheels, gear forks etc.
  • high tech: high-vacuum technology, super conduction and particle accelerators

Precious metals

  • Gold, like other precious metals (Ag, Pt, Pd), is extracted from the anode sludge created by the electro-refining process. Gold is used in the dental and jewellery industries, the minting and in electrical contacts.
  • Silver is used for photosensitive coatings in the photography industry, for alloying purposes, in the jewellery and dental industries, in up-market merchandise and decorative goods and for minting coins.
  • Platinum is used for jewellery, catalytic converters, coins, temperature sensors and electrodes.
  • Palladium is used in catalytic converters.


Used in the removal of coatings on metals, for derusting steel parts (bridge building, shipbuilding, automotive industry), and as an insulating material and drainage agent. Iron silicate sludge is also used in the form of fayalite hard stone for concrete constructions.

Others products

Product Field of Application
Nickel sulphate Nickel sulphate is used for nickel galvanizing.
Mixture of oxides of lead, tin and zinc Used for the extraction of tin, zinc and lead.
Copper oxy-chloride, Flowbrix Used for plant protection as an inexpensive and highly effective fungicide.