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Raw Materials

The raw materials used in the production process are dusts, ashes, scrapings, shredder materials, slimes/sludges and runback slag with copper contents between 15% and 60%, plus scrap alloy such as brass, bronze, red brass with copper contents between 60% and 80%. Materials for refining like scrap copper, wires, profiles (ingots, metal sheets, rods, flat copper, commutator segments, etc.) as well as chaffed and sorted electrical cables contain about 80 - 99 % copper. Extremely high-grade runback scraps from manufacturing semi-finished products are used directly in the foundry without refining. As well as these solid raw materials, copper chloride solutions from the electronics industry are reprocessed.
Besides copper, the raw materials listed contain numerous other metals, such as nickel, zinc, tin and precious metals, for example. Following initial assessment and sampling, the supplies of the raw materials are used in the blast furnace, the converter, the anode furnace or in the smelting furnaces of the foundry, depending on the type of refining required.

Inspecting the secondary materials we receive for problem substances such as mercury, cadmium or lead is important, as is checking for radioactivity. In the course of this assessment, which has been devised by experts in the field, either the delivery is turned down or a green light is given for the materials to be processed.