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In pyrometallurgical refining, the metals are smelted and refined at temperatures of approximately 1,200°C. Materials with a lower copper content (like shredder copper, Cu-Fe materials) are melted down with coke, quartz and lime in the blast furnace.
The smelted metal in the blast furnace, the so-called black copper with a copper content of approx. 75 % is processed in the converter with alloy materials such as brass, bronze and red brass. In this process, using oxygen, lead, tin and zinc are seperated off as mixed oxides. The resulting slag is recycled in the blast furnace.
The molten mass obtained from the converter consists of up to 96 % copper and is further refined in the anode furnace. Here it encounters other feedstock such as scrap sheet metal, pipe and wire as well as anode waste from the electrolysis. The finished molten mass from the anode furnace contains approx. 99 % copper and is moulded into anode plates.